11 Feb 2013

Idol Star Athletics Championships 2013

MBC Idol Star Athletics Championships 2013 [Full]

  This years "Idol Star Athletics Championship" aired today, gathered many popular groups this year, both rookies as well as idol groups in the top of hallyu. 
  I really anticipated EXO's participation and ofcourse INFINITE's! :D The little deer is flying~~ and the romantic panda. hihi
  It was a great show in general, it's cool to see that there are so many idol stars who is good at sports as well. Especially Sistar's Bora, she is such a great idol! 

  I want to participate in this show as well >.< maybe in the future, who knows, I maybe success later XD keep on dreaming~~ 

Anyways~~ Good day/night to everyone!


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